Server Rules


    - Our team is not responsible for your ID & Password loss

    - Sharing your Accounts information & Item is on your own risk

    - Trading Accounts or items for other servers is Forbidden

    - Attempting to sell Accounts or Items for real money leads to an account deletion


    - Advertising other servers in any way through our Game leads to a HWID Block


    - Attempting to Scam Player's Account or Items via any malicious ways leads to a HWID Block

    - If you were Scammed while attempting to break previous Rules We won't restore your Items

    [Insulting & Abusing]

    - Insulting a Player in Shouts leads to a Timed-Block

    - Racism / Religious & Gender abusing leads to Permanent Block

    [Hacking & Botting]

    - Using hacks / bots in any way leads to a Permanent Block


    - Game Masters has all rights to penalize Players for actions that isn't included in the previous list but considered as inappropriate


    - virtual items are 100% voluntary. These are "digital goods" and are received after completing the payment Donations are considered a gift. This game server is FREE for all to play. We have a strict no refund policy so please consider this when you decide you would like to donate.

    - Opening a dispute or claim with PayPal will result in an instant permanent ban of your account, whatever the outcome of the dispute/claim is, even if it’s in your favor.

    - We will provide full logs of the donation, your account information and the way you spent the donation rewards in our game to PayPal. In the past, we have won all claims by providing this kind of evidence to PayPal.

    - by donating that means you readed and agree our terms and money cannot be refunded.

    - The donations are used to keep the server up and running, as well as improving our network